4-legged plus 2-legged =’s healthy families all around

Today we had the pleasure of having our patient’s animals get checked for compromised nervous systems, which can lead to all forms of health problems possible, and adjust them to bring their bodies nervous systems and thus health back to maximum potential.
After receiving his graduate degree in Chiropractic,  Dr Austin Jay Komarek,  D.C. studied at Options For Animals to be fully certified to work on our 4-legged loved ones.
Many were lovingly cared for today including one of my cats experiencing a variety of health challenges from skin to breathing.
Within hours Tabitha was resting and breathing better than she has in months.
Our pets heal and respond so quickly to chiropractic care due to the fact that they lack the conscious mind to get in the way of healing when a fully functioning adjusted nervous system is running at 100%.
Whay does this mean to you,  a 2-legged human?
It means congratulations,  you too can have a better,  more expressive,  phenomenal life simply by visiting a chiropractor,  getting your spine checked and if necessary,  getting it adjusted so you can live the vibrant,  uninhabited life you deserve.
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Tonight we had a great amount of families in the office which reminds of the idea that families that get adjusted together stay healthier together.

The power of your body to heal and regenerate itself to its best possible image is only limited by the % function of your nervous system at every vertebral level.

Get adjusted, get clearer and get pure health.

First stop!!

I love that for so many of our practice members that unfortunately end up needing an emergency medicine intervention that their first stop after leaving the hospital is our office.

Why you may ask?
One reason is I have drilled into them over the years that God forbid they ever be hospitalized that the best thing they could possibly do the second that they get out is to get their spines checked and adjusted for maximum healing potential!!

Second I offer to come and adjust them in the hospital too. Most things in the hospital don’t actually lead to improved outcomes as far as atmosphere, fear inducing at most hospitals, food, warm,
but garbage for the most part and the single mi ndset that without every intervention in the hospital that they will surely perish.
My job is restore the patient’s faith back into their body’s ability to heal.
Do I think I heal the patient, NO.
I know that if the patient’s spine is adjusted they have the maximum potential for health in play and that is the best thing any patient can get to assure a much better outcome.

A New Year & A New You!!

Every day your body is replacing worn out cells with BRAND NEW HEALTHY ones!
All these replacements are controlled by YOUR Nervous System.
So when we adjust your vertebrae back into correct position that happens perfectly!
BUT if a vertebra is Subluxated, this process is massively distorted, causing weaker tissue to be in place of Healthy tissue!!
Let’s build a newer healthier YOU!!!

Rockstars deserve Chiropractic too!



Got to adjust an amazing musician Mr Stephens Stills before and a bit after his concert at the Regency in San Francisco!!
He was extremely happy with his adjustment so much so that most of his band upon hearing his rave reviews came up to get adjusted!!  His bassist informed me that his eyesite improved to clear after his adjustment!!
What a cool night!!