4-legged plus 2-legged =’s healthy families all around

Today we had the pleasure of having our patient’s animals get checked for compromised nervous systems, which can lead to all forms of health problems possible, and adjust them to bring their bodies nervous systems and thus health back to maximum potential.
After receiving his graduate degree in Chiropractic,  Dr Austin Jay Komarek,  D.C. studied at Options For Animals to be fully certified to work on our 4-legged loved ones.
Many were lovingly cared for today including one of my cats experiencing a variety of health challenges from skin to breathing.
Within hours Tabitha was resting and breathing better than she has in months.
Our pets heal and respond so quickly to chiropractic care due to the fact that they lack the conscious mind to get in the way of healing when a fully functioning adjusted nervous system is running at 100%.
Whay does this mean to you,  a 2-legged human?
It means congratulations,  you too can have a better,  more expressive,  phenomenal life simply by visiting a chiropractor,  getting your spine checked and if necessary,  getting it adjusted so you can live the vibrant,  uninhabited life you deserve.
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